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Shared Co-Op Equals 
Better Benefits

TVLC has created group-oriented vendor partner agreements that pay more.  By pooling all vendor co-op, Today’s Vision generates a surplus each year that is used to provide added benefits to its licensees regardless of office revenue and length of time as a TVLC member.  TVLC provides these products and services for its licensees. Considering the value of these benefits, licensees get back their fixed monthly fee and MORE!

Our Benefits

Managed Care

Credentialing for all medical and vision insurances, Creating and sending applications


Solutionreach is a healthcare management solution that aims to help medical professionals in scheduling appointments and communicating with their patients.

Patient materials 

ex. Branded Plastic Bags, Warranty Brochures, Promotion Cards, etc. 

Frames Data

Frames Data is the optical industry standard for eyewear product data, powering thousands of transactions every day in independent practices and labs across the United States and Canada, helping eyecare professionals work more effectively. 


Practice compliance solutions via HIPAA app.

OD License Renewal

Reimbursement for doctors annual OD license renewal.


All inclusive annual meeting. ex. Doctor Airfare, Hotel, Meals

Marketing Support

Individual website and web page on the Today’s Vision corporate website 

Corporate Email Address 

Social Media and Website Support 

Vue Care Eye Channel, Simulator, and Website Animations 

Eyes on Hold

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