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Today's Vision Licensing Corporation

No Longer Optometry's Best Kept Secret

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What Makes Us Unique

Today's Vision is the only optometry group in the United States that shares its profits equally among all licensees regardless of size or length of membership.

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Nationally Recognized

Today's Vision has ranked every year in Vision Monday's Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers since 2010.


Doctor Owned

Our Board is elected by and comprised of doctor owners, this ensures that decisions benefit all licensees. 


Dedicated Leadership

Our Managing Director, Aaron Oliver assists with all recruits and onboarding of new licensees.


Managing Director's message
Aaron Oliver

TVLC offers something unique that no other optometry group offers. Today’s Vision is not owned by a corporation or a sole owner. Therefore, all the profit is redistributed back to the licensees, regardless of how much your office generates or how long you have been with the group.  We pride ourselves on being a smaller and more intimate group.  This has enabled us to give each of our licensees the care they deserve.  It also allows us to provide each licensee with a massive return on their investment! Each office receives the same group benefits and vendor discounts as our highest-grossing office.  You will qualify for substantial lab savings, lab credit and quarterly rebates.  Unlike most groups, our monthly dues are a flat rate rather than a percentage of your gross. If you are interested, please contact our Managing Director, Aaron Oliver at, to learn more! 

What Our Satisfied Doctors Say

"When I decided to open my office, I met with all the major groups to decide on which one is the best to join. After assessing the benefits to fees ratio, it was a no brainer to join Today's Vision. The benefits, flat monthly fee, and help from a great group of doctors greatly helped my cold start office."


Dr. Vinh Le

"Today’s Vision invested extensively in my new practice six months before I opened.   It helped me find my site, obtain my financing, set up my vendor and equipment deals and most important, provided personal attention to every aspect of my start-up."


Dr. May Davoodi

"The benefits and co-op incentives far outweigh my fees for the group. After being open five years, I recently decided to conduct a 'benefit audit' and compared my discounts, co-op and rebate distributions to those offered by other national groups but none could beat what Today's Vision offered. It's been a win-win for me, my practice and my patients."


Dr. Dimple Sawhney

Want To Learn More?

We'd love to learn more about you, your practice plans and how we can help achieve your goals. Speak with the Managing Director today or request information.

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